DaedalusX64R1771 (1)
PSP用N64エミュ「Daedalus Git r1771」がリリースされました(*・ω・)ノ


- We should warn if trying to run the BatchTest when it's not compiled in
- Replace IO::Path::PathBuf with IO::Filename
- Add a FIXME in Dump_GetSaveDirectory - we check that a string is empty twice here, and it looks odd. I think there used to be some code here to show a file selector or something.
- Move System.{h,cpp} to System/
- Move ConfigOptions.{h,cpp} to Config/ and tidy header include order.
- Reference headers relative to Source/
- Consistent #endif comments
- Make header guards consistently use FULL_PATH_TO_FILE_H_, with script
- Drop the _MSC_VER check around #pragme once - all the compilers we use understand #pragma once (or happily ignore it)
- Fix PSP Makefile VERSION now we're using git. Not sure how to fix this for Windows just yet.
- Merge pull request #1 from salvy/master
Fixes for W32/OSX
- Fixed crash in 1080 with accurate tmem, also added bound checking in load block to be safe.
[!] Updated glfw to latest version 2.7.8
[!] Pull webly header from third party dir (I'll start pulling out all the headers from third party dir to make compiling PC build easier)
[+] Added german translation by Vedat
[-] Removed deprecated files from PC Data
[~] Disabled full screen toggle for PC (GLFW doesn't handle fullscreen toggle very well yet)
[!} n64.psh had inconsistent end lines


Daedalus Git r1771

Daedalus Git r1771 Signed







DaedalusX64R1771 (2)

 「Start Emulation」でゲーム開始です。

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